Features exclusive at The Wave:

The two new super-sizing, brushless automatics will be sure to delight you in their performance and clean- ability using the latest in touch free cleaning technology.


High Pressure Undercarriage with Rust Inhibitor - Available on Works Wash Only
Get ready to feel a high pressure blast clean your undercarriage and then coat it with a petroleum based rust inhibitor. Try doing this yourself!


Two Step Presoak - The best of both cleaning worlds
The first pass of presoak is a low PH product that attacks dirt and grime on chrome, windshield and bumper area. Followed by a second pass of Alkaline presoak. That quickly cuts through tough road film and oils built up on the surface of your paint. Together, these two differently formulated presoaks work to efficiently remove any dirt or grime off your vehicle. If it’s not clean after this, you need to come more often!


Rocker Panel Blaster - Available on Works and Ultimate Washes
After presoak has had sufficient dwell time on your vehicle, the Rocker Panel Blaster delivers a high pressure pass aimed at your bottom rocker panel area to blast away all stubborn and hard to get places on your vehicle. Your bottom will never look so good!


Cannon Wheel & Tire Cleaner - Available on Works and Ultimate Washes
During the first pass, sonar will locate your wheels and stop to apply a citrus based cleaner. Next, a high pressure cannon wheel will blast all the dirt and grime away.


Bug Blaster
The bug blaster turns off the side nozzles and turns on the two high pressure rows of oscillating nozzles right in the face of all those bugs. You can actually feel your car shaking all those bugs loose when our bug blaster goes to work. If you’ve got bugs, don’t be embarrassed, come see the Wave!


Warm Water Rinse - Available on Works Wash Only
Next, exclusively at the Wave, eleven hundred pounds of pressure bathes your car in a warm water rinse that will remove all the dirt and grime. A warm water rinse is proven to clean a car 30% more efficiently than a cold water rinse. Do you wash your hands in cold or warm water? That’s what I thought!


Tri Gloss Foaming Clearcoat Conditioner - Available on Works, Ultimate and Supreme Washes
The tri colored gloss foam polish is applied to your vehicle in three brilliant colors with special gloss enhancing agents (Silicone Carnauba) to protect your vehicles surface.


Rain X Surface Protectant - Available on Works Wash Only
Rain X is a proven formulation of surface reactive silicone and other polymers for the best surface protectant available. Rain X will bond to and cure on surfaces for outstanding shine and repellency against rain and snow.


Spot Free Rinse
This rinse is run through special filters to reduce the TDS in water, resulting in fewer water spots on your vehicles surface.


Power Air Dryer - Available on Works and Ultimate Washes
Newly designed dryers will make a double pass on your vehicle to blow all excess water off for a dry vehicle.


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