Polyphane Clear Coat Protectant is a patented polymer-based synthetic spray-on wax. This revolutionary product contains no mineral seal oil, silicones or harmful solvents. Polyphane provides a more durable, longer lasting protection for your vehicles surface and restores the deep showroom luster to your car. Unlike other spray on waxes that simply lay on the surface of your car, Polyphane actually forms a bond to your cars painted surface for longer lasting protection than any other product in the industry.

Regular application of Polyphane eliminates the need for hand waxing your vehicle.

Because of its patented polymer formulation, Polyphane protects your vehicles surface by forming a barrier of protection against acid rain, stains, oxidation, road grime and other harmful elements.

Polymers provide us with some remarkable protection and shine solutions that traditional products for the car wash industry do not. They are not-harmful, non-flammable and contain no harsh chemicals. They are completely safe for you and the environment.



I guarantee that you will notice a difference in your cars finish and durability!


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