If you want to clean your vehicle with your own hands we can do that too.We have several self serve stations so you know what exactly will get washed and when.

Tire Cleaner

Select low pressure tire and engine cleaner on your dial and apply to all four wheels covering thoroughly. Now select high pressure soap and blast your wheels holding the nozzle end about 12 inches from your wheels. At this time you can also clean your wheel well area using the flexible wand end to get under the wheel area to prevent salt and dirt from accumulating in that area.


Presoak is a specially formulated low pressure soap made to loosen dirt and grime on heavily soiled cars. Presoak especially works well on light colored cars because they tend to show the dirt more. After applying presoak, select high pressure soap to finish blasting the remaining dirt off of your vehicle. For especially dirty vehicles, follow presoak with the Bubble Brush so you can hand scrub all that stubborn dirt off your vehicles surface. Follow with a high pressure rinse to remove any soap and dirt from you vehicle. Presoak is also an excellent bug degreaser that will help loosen up those summer bugs.

Bubble Brush

Bubble Brush or Foam Brush, is a high sudsing soap designed to work with our hog hair brushes when a little pressure is needed to remove that baked on dirt. Always get the car wet first with presoak or high pressure soap before using the bubble brush on your car. Never worry, our natural hog hair brushes will never scratch your car. Studies have shown that hog hair brushes are actually safer on your cars surface than using a sponge. Why? Because a sponge will trap dirt while scrubbing and a hog hair brush cannot. While scrubbing, always use a hard circular motion for best results. When finished, simply rinse off your car with high pressure rinse.

High Pressure Soap

This soap is used by itself for cleaning cars that are moderately dirty or can be used to wet your car before bubble brushing it when more cleaning action is needed. High pressure soap is also excellent to blast away those summer bugs.

High Pressure Rinse

Our high pressure rinse is warm water which has been softened to insure maximum results. Always remember to rinse your vehicle starting at the top and work your way down.

Spot Free Rinse

Our spot free rinse is soft water which we treat through a series of reverse osmosis membranes. This purifies the water to a TDS of 5 or below. Your tap water on the average is a TDS of around 650. When used properly, the result is a car that will dry with no water spots. For best results, always rinse the soap off of your car first with high pressure soft water. Next use spot free rinse which is a low pressure function. Remember to start at the top of your car and work your way down.

Power Gloss (Polyphane Wax)

Our polyphane wax is the best on the market guaranteed to last 6 rainfalls. After using the high pressure rinse, apply the low pressure wax to the entire vehicle. Next, select spot free rinse and rinse the excess wax from the car. Start at the top and work your way down. Don’t worry, once our polyphane wax makes contact with the surface of your vehicle, it bonds to your paint. So rinsing with spot free only rinses the excess wax off leaving your vehicle spot free and your paint protected.

  • Always remember to squeeze the trigger to get the proper pressure and product.

  • Once you have deposited 5 quarters to start you can always add more quarters to buy more time. If time runs out you must deposit another 5 quarters to start the time again.